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Welcome To Carrie's Kreations

Letter to my readers and Clients


Thank you for visiting my NEW website. With all the websites I have designed/created it's about time I created my very own. The problem with this is that I have my hands in a variety of cookie jars, so I just combined my cookies. You know me, I love doing what I do.

Whether it's seeing a website I've created online or a friend wearing a piece of jewelry I've either created myself or purchased wholesale. This also includes the Swarovski Crystal shirts I have made as well. YES, I am a very busy gal. BUT I love what I do and now my creativity skills have a home on the internet.



Freelance weBDesigner. Most of my clients are referred by clients. I don't advertise my services. If your here it's because one of my clients/friends referred you, SO please feel free to look around and thank you for your consideration.
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Carrie's Jewelry Box

AWW Jewelry, every one wants a piece! To make or to buy? THAT is the REAL question! Carrie's Jewelry Box has both at affordable prices!
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Style U

Tips, advice, and the where 2's for your fashion, hair, and makeup questions!


Video's coming soon!

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Carrie's Kreations.......... ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!!! Creative fun!!



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  • Photoshop / Restoration
  • Carrie's Jewelry Box
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Phone: 480-466-0236